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I've been playing in a classic rock band for the better part of eight years. There have been years when we have had a show every weekend and years when we don't perform much. For entertainers, knowing how to get booked to entertain is half the battle. Continually adding to your network of contacts is just as important as having an impressive repertoire or stage presence. Having a good booking agent will usually cost you a slice of the financial pie, but is often worth the price. This blog is all about how to further your success as an entertainer.


Making The Grade As An Entertainer

Tips For Finding Stand-Up Comedy Artists That You Enjoy

by Nina Howell

Lots of people claim to love stand-up comedy and you might want to get involved in that scene as well. However, there are a lot of different comedians in the world and you might not know how to find the ones that are going to tell the types of jokes that you like. Here are some tips for helping narrow down the types of comedians that you enjoy so that you can more easily enjoy stand up and go to stand-up shows.

1. Identify the Types of Jokes That You Like

Your first step in the journey of finding stand-up comedians that you will enjoy is to identify the type of humor that most resonates with you. This type of humor could be dry humor. It could be long, drawn out jokes with a nonsensical punchline at the end that negates the entire joke itself. It could be humor that revolves around bodily functions. There is no shame in liking the type of humor that makes you laugh the hardest and if you're trying to convince yourself that you like long jokes about historical figures when you really like fart jokes, you're going to be miserable. Be honest when identifying the types of jokes that you like. Write down a few examples.

2. Look for Comedians in the Shows that You Watch

Next, start looking for comedians in the shows that you watch. There's a good chance that some of your favorite shows have some well-known comedians in them. Even if you are just watching cartoons, check out who is voicing cartoons to see if there are any stand-up comedians among the cast. Start by going online and finding clips of these comedians. You want to start with the comedians that are in television shows that you enjoy because there's a better chance that their humor is going to match yours. You can also listen to the comedy albums of many comedians on streaming services.

3. Branch Out From Those Comedians

Once you've found a few comedians that you enjoy based on the television shows that you watch, you can then branch out. If you are watching their clips on a video streaming site, the site will probably recommend similar comedians to you, allowing you to find more comedians that have a style of humor that you can fully appreciate.

For more information, talk to your friends that like stand-up comedy. Your friends will know what your style of humor is and will know some comedians that will come closer to matching it.

Learn more about comedians you may like by visiting websites like this one.