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I've been playing in a classic rock band for the better part of eight years. There have been years when we have had a show every weekend and years when we don't perform much. For entertainers, knowing how to get booked to entertain is half the battle. Continually adding to your network of contacts is just as important as having an impressive repertoire or stage presence. Having a good booking agent will usually cost you a slice of the financial pie, but is often worth the price. This blog is all about how to further your success as an entertainer.


Making The Grade As An Entertainer

What To Do When Trying To Prepare For A Voice Over Audition

by Nina Howell

Are you hoping to get a job doing voice overs for commercials, documentaries, or even movies? If this is the kind of work you have always been interested in doing and you finally have an audition approaching, you may feel a bit nervous because you want to get hired but do not know if they are going to choose you for the job. The goal is to impress those who are interviewing you while showing off your voice talents. If you want to leave a great impression, it is important to be prepared for the audition.

Practice Reading Aloud

When you are in that interview room, the interviewers may have a specific script they would like you to read aloud from. You may feel more at ease doing this kind of work if you are practicing for at least an hour or two a day leading up to the audition. If you mostly read quietly to yourself, you may not be used to speaking aloud, so now is the time to get some practice in. Grab some books and begin reading aloud in the voice you plan to use during your audition. The goal is to avoid making mistakes when reading words while making sure to read the content in a way that is loud enough for people to hear you and clear enough for people to understand what you are saying.

Give Your Vocal Cords a Rest

Although it is important for you to practice reading aloud, you should avoid talking too much and should refrain from shouting in the days leading up to the audition. For example, if you go to a concert a day or two before your big interview and you spend hours screaming along to the words in the songs, your voice is not going to sound so good when it is time for you to read from that script. Instead of sounding soft and clear, your voice may sound rough and raspy. You do not want to ruin your chances of landing your dream job simply because you did not give your vocal cords some time to relax.

If you are going on an audition for a job where you would get to do voice overs for something specific, such as a commercial or a documentary, you should start practicing reading aloud. Aside from getting in some practice, make sure you are giving your vocal cords some rest to keep your voice from sounding strained when it is time for the audition.