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Making The Grade As An Entertainer

I've been playing in a classic rock band for the better part of eight years. There have been years when we have had a show every weekend and years when we don't perform much. For entertainers, knowing how to get booked to entertain is half the battle. Continually adding to your network of contacts is just as important as having an impressive repertoire or stage presence. Having a good booking agent will usually cost you a slice of the financial pie, but is often worth the price. This blog is all about how to further your success as an entertainer.


Making The Grade As An Entertainer


Are You Planning A Historic Event At Your Community Center?

Are you the director of your town's community center? Or, maybe you are a volunteer or just a very active member of the center. No matter your position, if you are planning a historic event at the community center, you must be very excited about that. Was it your idea or are you playing off somebody else's idea? Perhaps your plans are already in motion. If that's true, then you don't need to read any further.