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Making The Grade As An Entertainer

I've been playing in a classic rock band for the better part of eight years. There have been years when we have had a show every weekend and years when we don't perform much. For entertainers, knowing how to get booked to entertain is half the battle. Continually adding to your network of contacts is just as important as having an impressive repertoire or stage presence. Having a good booking agent will usually cost you a slice of the financial pie, but is often worth the price. This blog is all about how to further your success as an entertainer.


Making The Grade As An Entertainer


3 Reasons to Take Your Kids to a Holiday-Themed Circus Show

There are not as many circuses shows in the United States as there used to be, but taking your children to the circus should still be an important rite of passage. The circus is a place of wonderment and amazement for many children and is an experience you should provide for your child. Learn about three reasons why to take your kids to a holiday-themed circus show here. Reason #1: Get to See a Live Show